A note about condition reports.  Unless an object is truly new old stock and never used and as new, condition reports are subjective.  What some might find objectionable flaws others may find acceptable for the age and rarity of the object.  Over many years of examining thousands of objects, we have heard and read many condition reports from the ultra conservative to very liberal.  We try to be as fair as possible and mention noticeable issues.  If anything we try to be on the conservative end of the spectrum.  However, based on the rarity, age, materials and construction of an object, some condition reports may seem more generous than others.  We base these on comparisons of what we see in public collections and other available comparable items that have been in the marketplace.  Below are our basic condition definitions.

Mint – An object is as new and never been used; possibly new old stock retaining its original box and packing materials, or original labels or hang tags.  Often the box or paper tags may show natural aging patina from exposure to air.

Excellent – An object that has been very gently used with very few and/or very minor and generally unnoticeable flaws, such as light polishing marks, or very light scratches that are mostly imperceptible to the eye.  Items listed as Excellent would also be suitable for any public collection.

Very Good – An object that is visibly used, but that has been very well taken care of and which will generally have some minor flaws noticeable to the eye.  Flaws or defects in an item listed as Very Good are not distracting to most viewers. 

Good – A visibly well used object that still presents well, but that has noticeable flaws, such as noticeable loss of metal plating, minor dings or other defects. 

Fair – An object with a number of noticeable flaws and defects that is still desirable due to its scarcity, otherwise we would not be selling it.

Poor – The word is self-defining.  Such objects generally need some amount of restoration. Generally, we will conserve objects in this condition prior to sale, but we recognize that for some original condition is paramount.  Therefore, unless the object will be lost without conservation, we may defer to the buyer.  We only offer items in this condition that are very rare and difficult to obtain.