Nagel Stacking Candlesticks Set of 21

Nagel Candlestick
Nagel Candlestick

Nagel Stacking Candlesticks Set of 21


Designer: Ceasar Stoffi and Fritz Nagel

Item:  21 Stacking Nagel Candlesticks

Manufactured by: BMF (Bayerische Metallwaren Fabrik)

Country of origin: West Germany

Year made: 1960s

Materials: Steel and chrome

Dimensions: Each is 2 ½” x 4”

Description:  Here is a set of 21 BMF Nagel stackable candlesticks with extra stems from other candlesticks that broke.  We have only photographed 11 here, but there are 21 in total.  In addition, there are at least four stems from previously broken holders, which are useful within an assemblage.  

These very popular candle holders were ubiquitous in the 1960s.  Although the two designers are known, not much biographical information about them is available.  Nevertheless, these are becoming increasing collectable and are simply fun to play with.  We like to think of them as adult Legos. 

Condition: Very good to excellent.  Some retain full chrome while others are more dulled  A few retain their original stickers on the bottoms. 

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