Panos Ghikas Watercolor

Panos Ghikas Painting
Panos Ghikas Painting

Panos Ghikas Watercolor

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Artist: Panos George Ghikas (1924 – 2012)

Item: Watercolor and mixed media on paper

Manufactured by: Panos George Ghikas

Country of origin: United States

Year made: 1964

Materials: Watercolor and mixed media on arches paper

Dimensions: 5” x 22”

Condition: Excellent

Description:  Panos Ghikas earned his M.F.A. from Yale, and went on to study with Willi Baumeister at the Staatliche Academie de Budenden Kunst in Stuttgart.  Almost as soon as his studies were completed he became an educator, and over the course of his career he taught at Phillips Academy, Washington University, Brown University, Harvard University, the Massachusetts College of Art, and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Ghikas was honored with a Yale Norfolk Fellowship, a MacDowell Fellowship, and a Fulbright Fellowship early in his career, and he went on to have his artwork exhibited at Museums and Galleries across the country including the seminal 1947 Abstract and Surrealist American Art exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago where an image of his work was published in the catalog; the Wadsworth Atheneum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Addison Gallery of American Art, and Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and many others. 

We purchased this work in its original frame that showed the appropriate 50 years of age and was clearly not archival.  Therefore, we had it reframed in museum quality archival materials to replicate the original frame.


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