Puss N Boots Porceleyn Fles Tile

Puss n Boots Porceleyn Tile.jpg
Puss n Boots Porceleyn Tile.jpg

Puss N Boots Porceleyn Fles Tile


Designer:  After Johann von Schwarz

Item:  Puss’n Boots De Porceleyn Fles tile

Manufactured by: Possibly by Carl Luber

Country of origin: Holland or Germany

Year made: Circa 1910

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 4 ½” x 4 ½”

Description: Here is a very rare De Porceleyn Fles tile decorated in cuenca and most likely manufactured in Holland, but possibly in Germany.  We have only seen two others. One came to auction in 2008 at Rago in a size twice as large and listed as a De Porceleyn Fles tile, which would have been made in Holland.  This same tile was also listed in Artnet.com as being designed by Johann von Schwarz and manufactured by Carl Luber.  We are not sure about the conflicting information.  We have seen one other exactly like this one on eBay about 10 years ago from a dealer in the Netherlands that sold back then for $225.   

Condition: Very good with very small one flea bite on the bottom left edge that is almost imperceptible.

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