All items listed are subject to prior sale and all sales are final. However, Hamel20 warranties the authenticity of every object and work of art it sells for thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Any claim or dispute about the authenticity of an item sold must be supported in writing by a recognized expert in the field at the buyer’s expense. In the event an object or work of art is judged to be inauthentic by the expert it may be returned in the same condition as at the time of sale and the buyer’s purchase price will be refunded.  In the event of an agreed upon refund only the purchase price will be refunded and the return shipping must be arranged with Hamel20. This limited right is only available to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to any other person, such as an heir, agent or third party. This warranty does not apply to objects or works of art that are described as being “attributed to” “style of” “manner of” “school of” or for any object in which the description qualifies the authenticity in some way. This limited warranty only applies to authenticity and not to the stated condition, so please read our website’s section about condition descriptions and carefully inspect the photos and ask questions.  Lastly, Hamel20 makes no warranty for reproduction rights, copyrights or other intellectual property rights that may be claimed or asserted regarding such items.  

Items will be shipped upon receipt of full payment that has cleared our bank. Generally, items paid using our website’s credit card processing vendor (Stripe) or PayPal take about two business days to process, but we reserve the right to delay shipment and transfer title to the purchaser until payment has cleared our bank.  

This website is not currently configured to handle automated international transactions due to issues with accurately estimating international shipping costs. We can generally ship smaller objects to the United Kingdom and most of the European Union, but not other locations. If you are an international buyer from the UK or EU and are interested in an object for sale please contact us for a shipping estimate. For any object purchased from a non-United States buyer, the purchaser will be solely responsible for any incurred customs duties, brokerage or other fees associated with international shipping. We will only ship internationally using the US Postal Service due to sometime high brokerage fees charged by private carriers. We strongly encourage international buyers to research total costs before making a purchase.

All sales of items priced at $500 or more or that aggregate to $500 or more will be insured in transit by the carrier.  Insurance can be provided at the request and extra expense of the buyer for objects and works of art sold for less than $500. All insurance claims for damaged or lost items must be made by the purchaser to the carrier. We can provide supporting documentation to demonstrate that insurance was acquired, but the claim is the responsibility of purchaser.